Rules for Spokane People

Summary: "Do unto others", and don't do anything illegal or stupid.
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Rules for Spokane People

Post by JarrenLong » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:54 pm

In order to provide an hostility-free forum where everyone feels welcome, there are some guidelines you must follow in order to keep a good forum atmosphere:

#1 - The rules or lack thereof apply to all forum users when they use our discussion mediums, regardless of user skills, member rank, religion, country, views and friendships with other individuals. Playing the victim by yourself or on someone's behalf when reprimanded is also disallowed.

#2 - Being rude, intolerant, provocative, manipulating or trying to start drama are disallowed under any circumstances. There are other ways to express your opinion.

#3 - Discussing or sharing advice or files dedicated for cheating on tests and exams, as well as the sharing of malicious content, private information (including responding to private messages in public without the sender's permission), illegal (ROMs, warez, etc) and adult material is strictly prohibited. Such content or links to it will be removed from your posts.

#4 - Flood, blatant advertising, spam and disruptive behavior are not allowed, same for abusive swearing, be it overused or directed at other users. Accounts created solely to advertise will be immediately deleted or see their privileges reduced.

#5 - Double-posting is heavily discouraged, unless it has been 24 hours or that it's a project update requiring an early topic bump. The "Modify" button exists for a reason.

#6 - Do not abuse the post rating system, such as by mass-downvoting a user for liking the color green. Also, ideally, upvoting should be for quality contributions and downvoting for rule-breaking content.

#7 - Trying to circumvent forum security (duplicate accounts, multi-voting, ban evasion, etc) will lead to the termination of your forum account.

#8 - There is a 24-hour clause on verbal warnings received via PMs. If you get reprimanded for breaking the rules via PM on IRC or the forums, then after 24 hours it is automatically assumed that you have read the message.

#9 - If a forum member never breaks the rules, but it becomes clear that he constantly behaves at the very limit of bannability or that he is testing the rules non-stop (eg finding loopholes), then he can still be warned for it. Long hiatuses from the forum will not erase past warnings.

Extra advice for a good forum experience:

I - Reprimanding an user for breaking the rules might be tolerated, but it's highly advised to use the post rating system and "Report to Moderator" options whenever possible, as it is the most effective.

II - Searching before asking questions will make it easier for people to help you.

III - Moderator decisions are taken in group in a private sub-forum, unless an emergency forces a premature action. We will never delete a post (except illegal, private info and adult content, but not the entire post) unless requested by many people. If you need to contact the admins privately, please PM them.

Enjoy your stay!
~The Management

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